23130612_10110664150623540_455838815647546679_nI’m Cassandra Jacobs. Currently, I am an affiliated researcher of the Ferreira Lab at UC Davis investigating the intersection between language, learning, and computation. I received my PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Illinois as well as my MS in Computer Science. I am a regular contributor to the Psychonomic Society blog, where we discuss new articles coming out in the PS’s journals. In a past life, I was a data scientist learning latent representations of apparel items using natural language processing at Stitch Fix.

My research focuses on the intersection between memory and language processing, especially how linguistic experience (language statistics, recent productions, comprehension) influences language production and the representations of concepts in memory. My work in natural language processing employs neural network modeling to learn cognitively plausible (vector) representations of words and multiword expressions. As a former industry data scientist, I care a lot about building and maintaining bridges between academic research and industry communities, and am passionate about mentoring graduate students with their academic and non-academic career decisions.

If you have any questions or would like to request more information about any of the projects I am working on or the resources behind them, I like e-mail — I tweet at @BayesForDays. You can also check out materials and posters on my github and at OSF!